Pigs FX

All the oink you´ll ever need!

Sonic salute Pigs FX demo by gimaudio 

Pigfarm Esrumgaard, has close to 1000 pigs of all ages and sizes.

These recordings were done during 2 exhausting days last summer.

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Included are:

Terrifying squeals, grunts, barks, and sneeze from adult pigs weighing up to 400 lbs, and ambiences from the stables.

Second part is recordings of smaller pigs (80 lbs) on the day they were picked up by truck to go you know where! The pigs knew exactly what was going on, which is represented in the sounds recorded.

Needless to say, this library has been ear wrecking to put together, but the reward is 246 single files of pure pigs.

Tracklist: Pigs FX

Pigs FX: 246 individual tracks (stereo and mono) recorded at 96K 24 bit. Uncompressed 2 Gb .wav audio, delivered as a  Zip file download. All tracks named and Metadata tagged.

Mics: Sennheiser Mkh416, and Ambient Ate208 Emesser. Recorder: Sounddevices 702

For Multi User License, Please Contact Sonicsalute


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