Wood Impacts

Im very pleased to introduce a great guest team of contributors to the Sonicsalute SFX library site, and their new massive Wood Impacts SFX library.


Human body impacts has always been sonically close to fibrous plants.
Everyone knows that leeks, celery or carrots are often used in foleys to do flesh and bones movements or impacts.
But how to reproduce real low impacts with that kind of fibrous release?
Fred Devanlay and Cedric Denooz had the idea to use soaked and moldy logs to record this sound library for you, and provide low and organic impacts.
Wood fibers explosions, hit by metal tools, give us trashy and detailed raw sounds which can help anyone who wants rich material and textures for impacts in sound design.
Door explosions, medieval knights fights, SWAT assaults, or horror sounds, or just wood lumbering can be emphasized with this sound library.
1651 sounds, simultaneously recorded in mono and stereo, at 96 kHz and 24bits are provided here with detailed metadata, more than 2Gb of sounds.

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Video of the recording process:

Making of Wood Impacts


Organized in 10 different folders (Hits, Movements, Digs, Cracks,Mangles,…) identified by their recording setups, you’ll find a wide inventory of textures, which will be useful to assault your next Minas Tirith Citadel!

Recording setup:

Broadcast wave, 96 kHz, 24bits files
AB ORTF Stereo couple recording- Rode NT55P microphones
Hypercardioid simultaneous recording with Rode NTG3 for precise impacts

Tascam and Fostex recorders
EAA Pre amps mixer

Stereo Mixdowns of the two microphones setups are also proposed.

Frédéric Devanlay – CEO-Sound designer


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