Sonic Salute is run by, Mikkel Nielsen.

Mikkel is a sound effects recordist, living in Elsinore Denmark, specializing in sound recording of all sorts, both for libraries found on Sonicsalute.com, and for features, tv- docs, Smartphone apps, museum installations and animations.

Sonic Salute is  constantly striving  to find find new and unique sources to record, and make a big effort in getting in touch with the right people to get permission to get the recordings right.

The goal is to get sound designers, and editors, hard to getquality sound effects, and ambiences for their projects.

Sonic Salutes libraries are recorded, and edited in 96K 24 bit. The delivery format is .wav stereo LR ,and or Mono/MS format, for versatility.

Each sound in the libraries has been carefully named and tagged for easy search in Soundminer etc.

Sonic Salute libraries have been packed in zip format. This means a smaller package to download, and at the same time, no compromises are made to the audio quality.

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