Hurricane Winds

An important note about the exterior sound recordings in this library

Because of the extremely strong gusts appearing during a hurricane, the sound recordings have several points where the microphones had a hard time handling the gigantic pressure, and therefore a great deal of mic buffeting is going on. I have had the material tested out, in the sound community, and have decided to keep the sounds as is, with no edits or cuts!!!

Please consider the above, before purchasing the pack, and preview the files in the Soundcloud demo!

Recordings from storms and hurricanes, from the past 3 years.

This SFX ambience library contains both interior and exterior recordings, from the past 3 years, of some of the biggest and most violent winds hitting the Danish coastal area.

For Danish standards at least, the storms have been quite terrifying. With average winds at plus 38 meters per second, and gusts above 50 meters per second, it has been a adrenaline pumping experience to be standing in the middle of it all.

Some of the locations have (in hindsight), been crazy and stupid trying to record. I really can not advice anyone to be out in weather like that. The below pictures of the aftermath proves that, one should stay indoor when authorities tell you to.

The damage done to the local yachting harbors, and coast has been enormous. Ships were thrown around, stacking up in corners, and old bunkers from the 1940 were revealed from the sand on the beaches. Roads were washed away, and basements were completely submerged.

Library contains 38 tracks all 96/24:

21 tracks of hurricane/storm recordings from Yachting, and commercial harbor. Wind screaming as it fly’s through rigging, wires, masts etc. Plastic covers, structure, flags moving.

6 tracks of hurricane/storm in the city. Trees moving, wind howling, small debris passing.

2 tracks of storm in the forest. Trees creaking, as wind moves through tree tops.

9 tracks of interior recordings. Roof moving, draft from windows. Small debris hitting window.

Delivered as 3 seperate Zip. files, uncompressed 4, 5 Gb.

Equipment used: Sounddevices 702, Sennheiser MKH 8020´s, MKH 416, Ambient Emesser. As much Rycote as I had, and a hard hat….

Special thanks to Lars Ahlberg, Karina Anker,Trine Hütten Anker Hansen, and Ole Hansen, for the following fantastic photos!

During the hurricane: The yachting harbor was getting hammered badly. Boats and pier was heavily damaged
(photos, Lars Ahlberg and Karina Anker)
giant wave3

giant wave 3

giant wave2

Giant wave 1


pier gone

Aftermath: The winds and water uncovered German world war 2 bunkers, hidden in the sand.
(Photos Trine Hütten Anker Hansen, and Ole Hansen)



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