Contacts & Hydrophones

$62.50 Incl. VAT

Contacts & Hydrophones

$62.50 Incl. VAT


Several years in the making. Packed with 62 unusual sounding tracks, this sfx library includes very different sounds, captured with contact microphones and a hydrophone:

  • Water flow and rushes
  • Aquarium pipes and pumps (industrial size)
  • Sewers
  • Underwater bubbles
  • A Ships hull
  • Underwater busy harbour life, ferry propeller passes
  • Micro film machine playing, rewinding and fast forward
  • Radiator bubbles and water flow
  • Model train passes and drones
  • Dishwasher doing the dishes

Included are both 48K and 96K samples. Many long takes of most of the tracks included, and a lot of diversity. Perfect for stretching and for adding a weird tone to your tracks.

2.8 Gb big, all tracks meta data tagged and named.

                                                              Model Train Contact Mics Video



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