Footsteps Snow

Crusty and Cold 
Sonic salute Footsteps snow 2of25 min demo by gimaudio

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This library i filled with long walks in cold and snowy conditions. Recorded during tree winters from 2009 to 2011 in a remote deserted Swedish forest, miles away from the nearest road.


Different types of snow and boots were recorded as well as different paces:


Thin/hard packed


Frozen stairs and porches



Leather boots


Each track is easy to edit into multiple single footsteps for sweetening your tracks with real snow.

Tracklist: Footsteps Snow

Footsteps Snow: 25 minutes of walk, in 45 mono tracks recorded at 96K 24 bit. Uncompressed  490 Mb  .wav audio, delivered as a  Zip file download.  All tracks named and Metadata tagged.

Mic: Sennheiser Mkh416. Recorder: Sounddevices 702

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