Metal Scrap


Sonic salute scrapheap demo by gimaudio


97 stereo files and 97 interleaved MS files.

3 Gb of Metal Scrap.


Recorded at a constructor doing nothing but shredding, cutting, breaking and moving metal of all sorts, all day long.

This library include:

Large metallic objects and metal debris being drooped by huge cranes, into and onto various surfaces.

The end of the Conveyer belt, where the smaller pieces of metal junk fall onto a bigger pile af junk.

Lots of metallic destruction and impacts, huge and small.

Tracklist: Metal Scrap

Metal Scrap: 97 decoded M/S to Stereo tracks, and 97 interleaved M/S tracks recorded at 96K 24 bit. Uncompressed 3 Gb  .wav audio, delivered as  Zip file download.  All tracks named and Metadata tagged.

Mics: Sennheiser Mkh416, and Ambient Ate208 Emesser. Recorder: Sounddevices 702

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