ICE Tension-Creaking-Breaking

…And impacts too! 

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Library include:

– Very long tension creaking sounds

– Multiple breaking sounds

– Ice impacts on ice

– Ice impacts into ice water

Tracklist is here: ICE Tension Creaking Breaking


Pack of 206 mono and stereo files-96K and a selection of 192K recordings, 680 Mb wav.big. 

(library delivered as 1 zip file) All files named and metadata tagged.

Recorder: Sounddevices 702

Mics: Sennheiser Mkh416, Aquarian Audio H2a XLR, and Røde NT4

For Multi User License, Please Contact Sonicsalute



Recording sessions info:

All tension creaking, and breaking sounds in this library, were recorded inside a dens pine tree forest in Sweden. Particular for this hidden gem of a location is, that the distance to the nearest bigger road is apx. 10 Km, and further more, the location being surrounded by tall pine trees, makes the chance of any wind very low.

At night, all you can hear is the pulsing rush of blood beating in your own ears. Its so silent, its almost scary.

During the day, an occasional bird or two visits the area, but overall the place is empty for bird wildlife.

Why is this important to know?

Because the wide open area where all the sounds for this library were recorded, is like the biggest Foley recording room on the planet, which makes it really easy to get super clean sounds recorded on location, and excludes the use of any noise reduction in the editorial process.

While recording the tension, creaking and breaking sounds of the ice, was fairly easy. Keeping myself from getting injured during the sessions were difficult.

Ice is slippery. I knew that. But standing on a thin sheet of ice with an average of 5 to 50 Cm of nothing to the rocky bottom beneath it, was a different story.

This “nothing”, however, served as an amplifier of the different sounds. Making the breakups almost glass like, and explosive.


Picture below, shows the special area, and the hundred of different holes with ice on top of them (and a picture taken after the session ended).

82 36



This library also includes ice impact sounds. While some were recorded in Sweden, a session was made back in Denmark too. A great lake, which was completely frozen earlier, was beginning to break up into smaller pieces.

This was the perfect opportunity to wear some waders and get out in the water!

These impacts of ice on ice, and ice into ice water, were recorded with a Sennheiser Mkh 416 standing in land, capturing the splashes and more bright sounds, and more interestingly, an Aquarian Audio H2A XLR hydrophone, capturing the underwater sounds. The tracks are a mix of both.

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