Motors SFX

$56.25 Incl. VAT

Motors SFX

$56.25 Incl. VAT


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                                 101 tracks, recorded from more then 25 sources

The library is packed with recordings of gadgets, which can add some cool and unusual textured motor sounds to your sound design process.

Sounds include antique, vintage and just plain old machines and motors, many of them half broken and busted, small plastic wind up toys, newer motors, tools, calculators, a 198x fax machine, a screaming Powerball, a massage tripod, and toys running, turning, getting stuck, lifting, driving and screwing.

As a very unique set of tracks in this pack, one of the oldest Danish cars was recorded and put in here. The Hammel car was build back in 1888. It has 2,5 horsepower, and a top speed of 9 Kilometers an hour. The startup process is done with matches and a lot of patience. Once this beast starts up, the sound is among one of the most funny and weird sounds ever. The library has a dual perspective recording of this car, and covers  the entire startup, going (idling), and shutting down sequence.

1.9Gb when unzipped. 96/24. 101 tracks, mono and stereo. All files metadata tagged.

Equipment used: Sounddevices 702, Sennheiser Mkh 416, Mkh 30, Mkh 8040.

Motors SFX PDF download: Motors SFX



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