The Undercover Sound FX Library

$56.25 Incl. VAT

The Undercover Sound FX Library

$56.25 Incl. VAT


Shhhh….. They are listening!

282 strange, ghostly and spy-like sounds collected from 2 old analog dictaphones, 1 portable cassette recorder, 1 very small digital dictaphone, 3 portable modern recorders, 1 video cam, and finally 1 very famous portable Reel to Reel recorder (a Nagra IS).

1.7 Gb, 96/24 delivered as 1 single zip. file.



The Undercover Sound FX Library Contains:

136 tracks of, Microphone bumps, lav. Microphone put on clothes, Microphone Feedback, Microphone Noises, and the sounds of  the inside of a video cams Mechanics.

41 tracks of, Dictaphone & Cassette Processed (Kyma, GRM Tools, SoundToys) Sounds, weird telephone answering machine noises, Buttons, Play, Rewinds, and Fast Forward sounds.

82 Reel To Reel sounds. Buttons, Tape on, Rewinds/Fast forwards, Manual searching and scratches, where the recorded sounds are heard through the internal speaker of the tape recorder, as well as recorded line out.

23 Various processed (Kyma, GRM Tools, SoundToys) sounds. Different stuff speed up, and mangled.

Many of the recorded sounds have been re-recorded on to tape to get that smooth analog sound. Especially the feedback sounds, and bumps benefit from this technique, but also ambience sounds recorded onto a over used 5″ tape has a certain undercover sound to them!


Equipment used:

Nagra IS

Sound Devices 702, 744

Tascam DR Recorder

Olympus Pearlcorder Dictaphones (old analog and digital)

Sony Portable Cassette Recorder

A bunch of different mics.


All libraries on site are sold as single user license.For multi user license, please contact SonicSalute.



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