Water Movements

$31.25 Incl. VAT

Water Movements

$31.25 Incl. VAT


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Want to be able to match the sound of footsteps going through water, with a more distant perspective?

Or maybe you want to cut seamlessly between near and far?

Having trouble matching the sound of a water splash in a certain scene, because the sounds are just too closely recorded?


Water Movements sfx library may just be your rescue!

Recorded by a quiet Swedish lake, in late summer of 2014, Water Movements sfx library, is filled with splashes, drips, walking/running, moving, small water creature simulations, and more. All recorded with a close up mono mic, and a set of distant mics, set up from 3-9 meters away from the source.

Library contains, 46 close up mono tracks and 46 distant (3-9 meters) Stereo tracks, all Metadata tagged, and 96/24.

Delivered as 1 single Zip. file, 1,6 Gb when uncompressed.

Equipment used:

Mics: Sennheiser Mkh 416, Mkh 8040, Emesser ATE208

Recorders: Sound Devices 702, 744

For multi user license, please contact SonicSalute.

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