Electrical train vs. Diesel engine

Today on my way home from a Copenhagen stealth recording day, I went  to the underground station Nørreport, to catch a train home.

This station is particular known for alot of noise and its heavy smog.

In the rush hour the old diesel engines are still used to get all the departures on their way. These diesel engines come through and stop at Nørreport.

The recording below is another great example of how bringing the wrong mics to the gig can ruin the recording 😀
To be fair, I wasn’t even going out to record this, but just “stumbled” upon the sounds and had to press the record button…. I couldn’t help it…sorry

Please keep the volume low!!! The last recording (the visible giant soundcloud sausage in the end) is terrible 😀

Not so long ago, the diesel engines was the only engines there. For obvious reasons (pollution and noise) Im glad the electrical trains has been introduced.

Mics used: DPA 4060 (will try the low sense 4061 next time). Gain set at 35 db.



4 Replies to “Electrical train vs. Diesel engine”

  1. Timothy McHugh says:

    Great recording, even if you had the wrong microphone. I love the sound at 1:21, of that pulsing engine. It sounds sort of like the down wash from a helicopter! LOVE IT!

  2. gimaudio says:

    Thanks Timothy. Yes it was sort of a unlucky/lucky situation 😀

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