Auto Workshop

$43.75 Incl. VAT

Auto Workshop

$43.75 Incl. VAT


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Originally recorded for the Bulgarian feature Godless, Sound designer, Peter Albrechtsen needed alot of different tool sounds and general ambiences from automotive workshops for scenes in the movie. He needed the sounds to be both recorded closeup and off mic, to be able to fade easily between them.

A mono microphone was placed close to the source, and a set of stereo microphones was set up further away, capturing more of the room and echo.

The result is very usable, and the ability to fade between closeup and wide shot works very well.

HansSvejs IMG_3855 IMG_3844

IMG_3843 IMG_3847 IMG_3845

The Auto Workshop is:

14 Stereo Ambience tracks. Mechanics talking, and working with grinders, weldings, and hammers.

31 Mono/Stereo SFX tracks of Air impact wrenches, Air compressor, water and air Hoses, Grinder, Metal saw, Gate, Doors, Two post lift, Washing brush, Electrical hoist and welding.


1.8Gb Zip, 96K/24bit.

Mics and recorders: Mkh416 and MKH8020´s, SD702+744.


IMG_3862 IMG_3861 Hejs2

hejs1 doer  vask

svejs2 svejs1 Metalsav

Luft hejsdoer hejs1










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