The Drip

$56.25 Incl. VAT

The Drip

$56.25 Incl. VAT


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Collected through the last 2 years, The Drip is 57 stereo Water Dripping audio files, 96/24, and about 5Gb big.
The idea was to record a comprehensive set of sounds that could be used in movies, video games etc. with both ambience sounds for backgrounds, and single sounds for spotting individual drops.

A variety of microphones were used to capture the different sounds in this collection. Telinga Microphones for a real zoom perspective, Mkh8040+30 for ambiences, a Mkh416 & Emesser mic for certain sfx sounds, and a set of Mkh 8020 for the real quiet sfx sources.

The Drip contains:

Rapid and slow, loud and quiet water dripping sounds, easily loopable

Water dripping sounds, from wet clothes and faucet, onto different materials (porcelain, plastic, metal, wood, paper, cups, bottles, bowls, stone)

Rain on roofs, tents, porches, grass, car windshields and car roof (interior and exterior perspective)

Exterior water/mud dripping sounds recorded with a Telinga Parabolic mic

Interior big hall water dripping sounds recorded with a Telinga Parabolic mic

Sewer water dripping sounds

Radiator water dripping sounds

House drain water dripping sounds

Tracklist: THEDRIP


Telinga recordings.


Zooming in


Broken radiator, Mkh 8020 set


Another radiator


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