Interior Ambiences: Tech. Building & Art Workshop

$67.50 Incl. VAT

Interior Ambiences: Tech. Building & Art Workshop

$67.50 Incl. VAT



5.0 Surround and 2.0 Stereo ambience files

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Recorded together with sound designer and field recordist Rune Palving,  at the Technical University of Denmark, and at a big Art Workshop in Copenhagen. This collection of sounds captures the crowds, both loud and more quiet,  and the different rooms, halls, and hallway tones that are speciel to such places.

The Technical University files are all surround files, recorded in double MS and mixed into 5.0 tracks. Recorded in very crowded places, like the dining area, and at the library, but also in more quiet places,  like the auditorium wardrobes and in the rest rooms.

The sounds recorded at the art workshop, focus more on the rooms and reverberation found here. The sounds also include, artists working in their own shops, cleaning, writing and painting. All sounds in this collection are stereo.

15 surround tracks, 5.0, 96/24 ranging from a few minutes to +7 minutes long. 8.8 Gb.

10 stereo tracks, 96/24. From 3-10 minutes long. 2.1 Gb.

Equipment used: Sounddevices 702, 744, Mixpre, Sennheiser Mkh8040/Mkh30/Mkh8040


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