Alarms And Noises

$37.50 Incl. VAT

Alarms And Noises

$37.50 Incl. VAT


Build up from scratch, starting out with synthetic test
tones (dual and single), signals or noise, and carefully tweaked through analog and plugins filters, to obtain the right tempo, pitch and feel.

82 Mono tracks 96/24/1.1Gb, of Ear piercing and stressful alarm tones and noise samples. Most tracks with a length above 1 minute, and all easily loop-able.

All libraries on site are sold as single user license.For multi user license, please contact SonicSalute.

Please note: This Soundcloud demo contains samples of all tracks included in the final pack, and a download watermark protection in the form of a cheesy drumbeat buried inside the mix. Cheesy drumbeat is NOT included in sfx library!


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