Testing out the MKH 8020´s, on trains



Today, I had nothing better to do, then doing some more tests with my set of Mkh8020´s. This time I thought it could be interesting to check out how they would handle the high-pitched whine, and low rumble from trains passing by.

These first tracks, I had to cut the lows at 50. The softies couldn’t handle the winds, and my full modular windshields and fur is still somewhere in Germany.

It was ok though, because the sounds I wanted to capture here, are what train enthusiasts call “Kurve skrig” (curve screaming).

First track is a preview of what happens in track 2.


Second track is a train passing close by, in a curve, which makes the tracks scream violently.


The sounds are brutal. I cannot believe how annoying it would be for the residents living 10 meters away from this. They have to listen to this sound 4 times each hour. Ouch!


Third track. EQ is bypassed on this and next track, to get the low bumps recorded. Wind is still a problem, but not as problematic as the tracks before.


Fourth track. Train passing with some low and loud bumps.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/94455306″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]


I really enjoy recording with the 8020´s. They have a nice sensitivity, so I don’t have to crank the gain to get input. If I’m recording quiet sources, I can still do this, because of their low self noise.

Here is for hoping, that a full modular Rycote system will get me closer to controlling the wind.


8 Replies to “Testing out the MKH 8020´s, on trains”

  1. andreas says:

    Need a Rycote ORTF Setup for better wind protection – hugh ?

    great recordings and wonderfull mics !

    1. gimaudio says:

      Thanks Andreas, I appreciate it.
      No Im actually going with two seperate Rycote modular systems, as I want to be able to make really wide AB too.

  2. Tamas Dragon says:

    These little mics are very, very good ones. I just listened to the recordings with headphones, and still, without further processing the soundscape and the detailed imaging is absolutely stunning. I’m starting to love these Sennheisers more than the Schoeps ones.

    1. gimaudio says:

      Thanks alot Tamas.
      Im really satisfied with the mics too. I find the freq. range very nice and the low self noise, is sooo nice too. You can just keep cranking the gain, without adding any noise. I love it!

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