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$93.75 Incl. VAT

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 Presenting the most malfunctioning, dirty old gritty sounding engine failure library out there

Featuring a staggering 81 files with numerous takes in most tracks, the Kaput sound effects library will cover the bases of almost any  broken false starting engine scene one can imagine.

I can honestly say, that finding the vehicles and tools for this library, has been among the most challenging I have come by. Old and broken cars and trucks are hard to come by these days. Most cars are obviously either driving and dont have start problems, and many of the rest just wont start at all.

Just as rare are broken petrol powered tools, which usually fit the latter category of not working at all.

Still, with amazing recording help from recordist Michal Fojcik Soundmind Poland, and just as amazing help from recordist Erik Watland from Norway, the Kaput sound effects library is featuring no less then

24 different cars, trucks, moped and motorcycles

1 boat engine

A few weird sounding power generators and water pump motors

Back firing exhausts

Petrol powered garden tools, chain saws, and hedge trimmers

Brutal construction machines

From old eastern european trucks, vintage US V8 muscle trucks, classic scandinavian cars, and more modern diesel and petrol engines to funny sputtering dying petrol power tools.

There is even a few more recording sessions planned, that just didn’t make the deadline for the first batch of sounds in this library (buying a copy of this first of sounds, will of course  make any future sounds added to the library free of charge).

A huge thank you to Hans Kofoed at STARK Rental, Mikkel Strange, Niels Svendsen Auto-Svendsen, Jakob Friis Teknisk Museum, Zonen Redningskorps Venner, who contributed greatly to making recording of all the sounds possible.

KAPUT is 81 stereo and mono files, 96/24. 1,6 gb big, all UCS ready!

Track list: KAPUT



Opel Blitz type 1,75. 1952

Ford f250 1957

VW Polo



Cadillac Deville

Skoda 420


Ford f250










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