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$56.25 Incl. VAT

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Recorded at many different quiet locations, both regular old apartment and business buildings, a majors office, hallways, churches, a football stadium dating back to 1923, and a local manor turned into a museum, Doors Sound Effects library is a 87 track library, filled with classic antique wooden doors sound, collected through the last decade.
Many of the tracks have both synced close up and wide perspective recordings, and all have many different takes to fit specific actions better

Tracks List DOORS

Library include:

Opening and closing (Soft, Medium, Hard and Slam variations)
Handle sounds
Creaks and squeaks from wood frames and metal

Doors Sound Effects Library is 87 tracks, 2.2Gb 96khz, recorded with Sennheiser Mkh416/Mkh30, Mkh8040´s on a Sounddevices Mixpre6 recorder. All tracks are UCS ready.








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