Creaks And Squeaks

$67.50 Incl. VAT

Creaks And Squeaks

$67.50 Incl. VAT

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Presenting the Creaks And Squeaks sound effects library from Sonicsalute.

The material in this library was recorded for the sound editor who just cant get enough different creaking and squeaking sounds. For the editor who needs a vast amount of creaking floor boards, or for those who are struggling with finding that classic metallic squeaking sound that will fit in a scene.

Each track contains multiple takes and variations, which will make finding sounds that have the same acoustic sound surrounding them, more easy.

103 UCS metadata tagged tracks, 1.25Gb, 96Khz, mostly recorded in quiet acoustic spaces, featuring:

Old vintage chairs

Antique church bench


Floor boards

Leather straps

Boxing leather sand bag

Ropes, both organic and nylon


Hydraulic metal lift

Home made creak box

18 slot metal post box, with multiple takes of rhythmical squeaking loops, which easily can be shuffled into even more options.

See Track list here!

Recorders used: Sound Devices 702 and Mixpre

Microphones: Sennheiser Mkh416, Mkh30, Mkh8020´s, Ambient Ate208.


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