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Recording animals can be tricky, fun and surprising. Recording bison bulls in rut is all the, with a fair bit of anxiety added.
The male bison bull can weigh up to 2000 pounds and are as tall as a regular sized man. When these animals are in rut, usually around late in summer, they are extremly aggressive and are not animals you should get in close contact with, without a wrangler who really knows what he or she is doing.
With that in mind Peter Albrechtsen and myself found ourselves on a ranch in Morud on Fyn, Denmark, where we recorded bisons in rut from the back of an open pick up truck. · Sonicsalute Bisons Demo


We had been told that it was not possible to get as close to the animals as we would have wanted to. It was simply to dangerous for us. The wrangler shared some rather scary stories that quickly convinced us.

Here is a short video of one of the bulls following the pick up around:

Chased by a bull

We solved this problem by bringing along a Telinga parabolic dish and microphone (and other mics too) to get that special zoom effect, as if we were right under the nose of the beast.

The final recordings going into this library are both the stereo Telinga files and 2 tracks of Mkh416 amd Sanken CO100K files. All synced up, UCS ready and filled with some of the most organic and monsterous deep growling and otherworldly sounds  we have ever recorded.


Bisons are 16 tracks, 2.5 Gb big, 192khz recordings.

Track List for the library can be found here: BISONS

Recorders used: Sounddevices 702 and MixPre 6.
Microphones used: Telinga Parabolic dish and mic. Sennheiser Mkh416. Sanken CO 100K.


A note about this library: Even though we did our best to avoid birds, winds and distant traffic wash, these noises are some times present in the sounds. They are however not audible in the actual growls and bellows etc. But please listen to the demo beforehand, and decide for yourself!


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