Trackslisting: Footsteps Snow

Description from Soundminer

  1. Footsteps creaks scuffs stomps in snow_sneakers_1
  2. Footsteps crusty snow_leather boots_slow pace_1
  3. Footsteps deep snow_ wooden porch_sneakers_5
  4. Footsteps deep snow_hikers boots_1
  5. Footsteps deep snow_Inuit Kamik boots_1
  6. Footsteps deep snow_Inuit Kamik boots_2
  7. Footsteps deep snow_Inuit Kamik boots_3
  8. Footsteps deep snow_Inuit Kamik boots_6
  9. Footsteps deep snow_Inuit Kamik boots_fast pace_4
  10. Footsteps deep snow_Inuit Kamik boots_slow pace_5
  11. Footsteps hard deep snow_sneakers_3
  12. Footsteps hard deep snow_sneakers_4
  13. Footsteps hard deep snow_sneakers_5
  14. Footsteps hard deep snow_sneakers_6
  15. Footsteps hard packed snow_leather boots_fast pace_1
  16. Footsteps hard packed snow_leather boots_fast pace_2
  17. Footsteps hard packed snow_leather boots_fast pace_3
  18. Footsteps hard packed snow_sneakers_1
  19. Footsteps hard packed snow_sneakers_2
  20. Footsteps hard packed snow_sneakers_3
  21. Footsteps hard snow_sneakers_1
  22. Footsteps hard snow_sneakers_slower pace_2
  23. Footsteps snow_ wooden porch_sneakers_1
  24. Footsteps snow_ wooden porch_sneakers_2
  25. Footsteps snow_ wooden porch_sneakers_3
  26. Footsteps snow_ wooden porch_sneakers_4
  27. Footsteps snow_ wooden porch_sneakers_6
  28. Footsteps snow_ wooden stairs_sneakers_1
  29. Footsteps snow_ wooden stairs_sneakers_2
  30. Footsteps snow_ wooden stairs_sneakers_3
  31. Footsteps snow_ wooden stairs_sneakers_4
  32. Footsteps snow_ wooden stairs_sneakers_5
  33. Footsteps snow_ wooden stairs_sneakers_6
  34. Footsteps snow_ wooden stairs_sneakers_7
  35. Footsteps snow_ wooden stairs_sneakers_8
  36. Footsteps snow_ wooden stairs_sneakers_9
  37. Footsteps snow_ wooden stairs_sneakers_10
  38. Footsteps snow_leather boots_heavy stomps and scrabes_1
  39. Footsteps snow_leather boots_heavy stomps and scrabes_2
  40. Footsteps snow_leather boots_heavy stomps_1
  41. Footsteps snow_leather boots_heavy stomps_2
  42. Footsteps snow_leather boots_heavy stomps_3
  43. Footsteps snow_leather boots_scuff and scrabe_1
  44. Footsteps snow_leather boots_scuffs and stomps_1
  45. Footsteps snow_leather boots_scuffs stomps and scrabes_1
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