Earth Mother Communicator

$93.75 Incl. VAT

Earth Mother Communicator

$93.75 Incl. VAT


EMC sfx library by Tim Nielsen & Jeff Davis

While living in Vancouver, I had been describing a family of instruments to a friend and Sound Designer Jeff Davis, that use a large sheet of steel as a resonating body. You could hit them, bow them, drag rubber mallets across them. Basically it was a large sheet reverb. He immediately decided we had to build one. So one weekend, in a friend’s garage, we took an 8 foot sheet of polished steel, rigged up a support and rod system, and had some fun. Part water phone (without the water), part plate reverb, the tones that came out of this thing astonished us. It simply sang. Low and thunderous, to high and piercing, it generated sounds that we had never heard. The demos below will give you a sample. Based on the ‘other worldliness’ and somewhat New Agey sounds we were getting, Jeff coined it the ‘Earth Mother Communicator’, a name that immediately stuck. These sounds have proved incredibly useful when bridging the music / Sound Design boundary, and have provided a lot of tension into scenes over the years.”

Equipment used : Earth Mother Communicator Library is 359 tracks, 96/24. The device was recorded two ways over the course of the recording day, with a pair of C-Ducer Ribbon Contact Microphones, and an extended Schoeps MK41/MK8 CMC6XT MS setup, pointed into the focal point of the sheet of steel. All tracks were recorded into a Sound Devices 722.

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About Tim Nielsen & Jeff Davis:
Tim Nielsen is a sound designer and supervising sound editor working in Northern California. His films include Lord of the Rings, Pirates of Caribbean, John Carter, and Maleficent among many others.
Jeff Davis is a sound designer and mixer living in Vancouver Canada. His credits include Journey to the Center of the Earth, Ed, Edd n Eddy, and The League of Super Evil


EMC 03


EMC 04


EMC 05


EMC 09


EMC 16


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